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By Pr. Andy Yeoh (13/12/2008)
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No more? (SMK USJ12, Subang Jaya)
Uploaded Thu, Aug 20, 2009

After our August exam, we started our prayer meeting during recess (everyday). The number of people that joined us increse day by day. The number of non-christians was amazing. The number was so big that we have to split into two groups. We prayed for our RR, the sick people, F5 trials and that God will touch, open and soften everyone's heart.

But on Tuesday (18th of August), we had to put our prayer meeting on hold. We told people who attend prayer meeting about it and they were very curious of what's happening. Our CF president was informed that we wouldn't pray in school. So again, the RR leaders went to meet up with our HEM during recess.

Our school HEM teacher said that we wouldn't pray in school because our school is a malay school and that our CF is not official. She said that the HM wouldn't like it and its offensive to other people. We asked for a classroom to conduct our PG meeting but she didn't allow us. She even say that gathering in a big group is breaking the school rules and that we could be kicked out of school. We had NOTHING to say because she explained everything before we even ask anything.

We asked whether our school's CF could be official in school but she said that she must know more about our school new HM before we do anything. (Well, we changed our school HM since monday.)

We've been running CF outside of school for more than 5 years. Doing CF proposal every single year. I really don't know why they still doesn't approve for CF to be official in our school.

HEM also said, "No more prayer meeting from now on. But you can do charity work. And you'll be known just for doing charity work."

The four of us were pretty damn upset about this.

From what we've heard, our school's HEM accepted Christ last week and praise the Lord for that. And I guess because of that, she did not fire us by asking us to stop immediately when we're praying. Or giving us demerit marks for gathering in a big group. Infact, she talked to us politely and making us understand more about our malay school.

So, what do we do now? Sigh..
Help us pray for our school :(

We have PRAYER GROUPS meeting in various schools throughout the week. Our focus is revival in schools, and it’s a gathering and movement of students hungry to see a mighty move of God and to make a lasting impact in their schools. We believe Prayer moves mountains and nothing is impossible for those who believe!
Uploaded Thu, Jun 24, 2010
  1. Claim our next target: 240 teens, 500 teens by the end of the year.
  2. Let's go all out to fill The House this Sunday. Pray and invite and believe for salvation. 
  3. Pray for our Home Parties happening tomorrow and for individual Homes growth. Keep TN5 Home Party in prayer.
  4. Pray for a strong leadership team and for the right labourers to serve with us. 
  5. Pray for our RR Groups/Project Mordecai/CFs. Pray for courage and protection. Let's pray for them to grow as well.
  6. Pray for Acts Church as a whole; for the leadership and the people of the church. Pray against distraction and disunity. Let's be a church that is growing together.
  7. Pray for provision and let's also sow into the remaining 8% of the deposit for our new building. Let's claim this "promise land"!  



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